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The Mater structure changed in early 2016 as we commenced implementation of the Exceptional Every Time strategy.

The new Mater Group structure reflects our commitment to more closely integrating Mater Health, Mater Education and Mater Research to further improve the delivery of health services, positioning Mater as a leader across these fields.

Mater now functions as a connected group under a single leadership team, supported by enhanced clinical leadership through the creation of medically-led clinical streams.

This leadership team—Mater Group Executive—comprises leaders from across Mater Health, Mater Education, Mater Research and Mater Foundation, and is committed to the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care in a sustainable manner.

The Mater Misericordiae Limited Board is also enhanced through strong partnerships with the subsidiary Mater Research Board, Mater Education Board and Mater Foundation Board, further reinforcing our commitment to integrating health, education and research across all levels of the organisation.

Clinical streams

In order to facilitate the closer integration of health, education and research, Mater is reorientating clinical leadership structures to align with defined clinical streams, and empower clinicians through more direct reporting lines and defined, patient-centred accountabilities.

Mater’s identified clinical streams will feature a triumvirate in each comprising a medical leader, nursing director and business manager to provide streamlined leadership across the following:

• cancer care services
• medical/chronic disease services
• mothers, babies and women’s health services
• neurosciences
• surgical/acute care services.

Analytics and Performance Team

Mater has also established an innovative Analytics and Performance team, to facilitate improvement of key clinical and non-clinical processes through expert data analysis.

This team will highlight trends, variability and opportunities for improvement, which in turn will support decision-making for improvement initiatives and the delivery of safe, high quality care across the continuum of Mater patient journeys.

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