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Mater Misericordiae Limited Board of Directors

  • Brian Flannery (Chairman of the Board)
  • Professor Catherine Turner
  • Dr Geof Hirst
  • John Reynolds
  • Kate Farrar (resigned August 2016)
  • Laurence Rogencamp (Company Secretary)
  • Sr Pauline Burke rsm
  • Peter Pearce
  • Terry Crawford
  • Vince O’Rourke (Deputy Chair)

Mater Education Board

  • Professor Catherine Turner
  • John Reynolds (Chair)
  • Laurence Rogencamp (Company Secretary)
  • Emeritus Professor Michael Ward
  • Dr Shane Kelly

Mater Research Board

  • Dr Carrie Hillyard (Deputy Chair)
  • Professor David McIntyre
  • Professor Geoff Kiel
  • Jim Walker AM (Chair)
  • Professor Melissa Brown
  • Professor Perry Bartlett
  • Dr Shane Kelly
  • Steven Denaro (Company Secretary)
  • Terry Crawford

Mater Foundation Board

  • Allan Pidgeon
  • Bill Noye
  • Chris Kable
  • Janet Wilson
  • Jason Titman
  • John McCoy
  • Professor John Prins
  • Joseph O’Brien
  • Laurence Rogencamp (Company Secretary)
  • Phil Hennessy (Chair)
  • Raewyn Bailey
  • Dr Shane Kelly
  • Simon Porter (Deputy Chair)
  • Xavier Kelly

Holy Cross Laundry Board

  • John McAuliffe
  • Laurence Rogencamp (Company Secretary)
  • Maree Blake
  • Richard Marszalek
  • Vince O’Rourke (Chair)

Mater Group Executive

  • Callan Battley—Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer
  • Caroline Hudson—Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chris Perkins—Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr Clare Morgan—Chief Medical Officer
  • David Kempson—Chief Information Officer
  • Donna Bonney—Chief Executive Officer, Mater Education
  • Ieuan Hyde—Chief Marketing Officer
  • Dr John Gilmour—Group Director, Infrastructure and Clinical Support
  • Professor John Prins—Chief Executive Officer, Mater Research
  • Madonna McGahan—Group Director Mission Leadership
  • Nigel Harris—Chief Executive Officer, Mater Foundation
  • Sean Hubbard—Chief Operating Officer, Mater Health
  • Dr Shane Kelly—Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Toni Casey—Group Director,Risk and Audit