A Mission without borders

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The Solomon Islands

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane perioperative nurse Jessica Bowe and Mater Visiting Medical Officers Dr Cameron Cooke (orthopaedics) and Dr Attila Nagy (anaesthetics) were invited to visit Atofi Adventist Hospital in the Solomon Islands in 2015.

Invited by the hospital’s CEO, Peggy Kendall (a former Mater nurse), the team familiarised themselves with the hospital, the health issues and the cases that the hospital commonly treats, in an effort to be prepared to conduct a clinic on their next visit.

During their visit, Dr Nagy spent time working with the doctors and nurses to ensure that the hospital’s anaesthetic equipment could be used to give a general anaesthetic to future patients (until now, the hospital has always operated under local anaesthetic and sedation).

Dr Cooke also met with a number of patients with orthopaedic problems, from severe osteoarthritis to fractured arms and legs, while Jessica spent time teaching the student nurses.

“I found this opportunity to teach the operating theatre nurses an incredible privilege,” Jessica said.

Located on the island of Malaita, Atoifi Adventist Hospital cares for the local population of about 160 000 people, who live in small remote villages across the island without any modern amenities.

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