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Volunteering can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. But when you volunteer for 50 days on the road each year, averaging about five hours of sleep per night, you know it’s much more than just a hobby.

For Smiling for Smiddy’s road crew king, Kevin Enchelmaier, it’s definitely more than a hobby.

Kevin has been Smiling for Smiddy’s rear support driver for nine years and, in that time, has volunteered at an incredible 70 events, which have taken him to every corner of Australia.

In fact, the only Smiddy event he’s missed in nine years was because the dates clashed with his son’s wedding in 2013.

For Kevin, it’s a labour of love.

“It’s the people who bring me back. I lost my Dad to cancer too, so I also feel like I can add to the awareness—talking to people, asking if they’ve been checked lately, you almost become an ambassador.”

So, what does the rear support driver do?

“I stop any cars coming from behind us and I’ll tell the lead vehicle at the front of the peloton if there’s a car or truck behind me and help them pass.”

During an event, Kevin’s days start at 4.30 am and end at 11 pm. He cooks barbeques, repairs tyre punctures, refills water bottles, helps with laundry—and that’s in between driving hundreds of kilometres.

Kevin also makes sure ‘his cyclists’ drink enough water, eat plenty of fruit and get to bed early.

Kevin’s dedication was recently honoured when he was named the 2016 Fundraising Institute of Australia Volunteer of the Year.

“It was special to be recognised, but from the start, I’ve never had a doubt that my efforts weren’t appreciated. The riders always thank me. In fact, I think they thank me 20 times a day!”

And we’re glad they do. Without volunteers like Kevin, Smiling
for Smiddy rides would not be the same. In fact, they may not even be possible.