Reflecting on years of commitment

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Mater Children’s Hospital

Helen Gregory’s new book about the 83-year history of Mater Children’s Hospital, Caring and Compassionate, the Mater Children’s Hospital 1931 – 2014, is a tribute to all Mater People including doctors, nurses, therapists and other staff who cared for tens of thousands of ‘Mater Children’ during this time.

Launched on 3 December 2015 by former Mater Chief Executive Officer, Dr John O’Donnell, the book tells the Mater Children’s Hospital story, from its opening by the Sisters of Mercy during the Great Depression, to its closure on 29 November 2014—all against the background of rapidly growing and diverse South East Queensland populations, developments in paediatrics and changes in Governmental health policies.

The book is a companion to Helen Gregory’s centenary history of Brisbane’s Mater Hospitals, Expressions of Mercy.