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Unexpected win enhances Mater connection

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Mater Prize Home supporters often feel a strong connection to Mater Little Miracles, but for winner Karen, her unexpected win was truly heaven sent.

Karen had just dropped her father off for a doctor’s appointment when she went to run some quick errands for the day, including picking up her mail. Amongst her mail was a letter from Mater Lotteries informing her she was the proud owner of a Prize Home in Hamilton Reach.

“As soon as I read the first line, I needed to sit down … it was 40 minutes until I could get up again … I had to wait to drive … I was just in shock.

“When I finally picked Dad up again and told him the news he was delighted, he couldn’t wait to get home and get on the phone to tell everyone about it,” Karen said.

The news of her win was a wonderful and unexpected surprise for Karen and her entire family, and provided some joy after a difficult year.

“Mum passed away recently from a brain tumour. It has been a difficult time for us all, and I moved in with Dad to help take over his care.”

Karen and her family have been longtime supporters of Mater, inspired by her late mother’s compassion.

“Mum was actually involved in making the memory boxes at Mater for the parents of little babies born prematurely that didn’t survive. Her work would be in thousands of homes across Brisbane now.

“Every time I would visit Mum and Dad there would be lots and lots of boxes being painted … it always made me realise just how many sick and premature babies are cared for at Mater.

“Buying a ticket wasn’t a hard decision, especially with Mum passing away earlier in the year … and I feel like, that perhaps in a small way, she has had a hand in this.”

Congratulations, Karen.