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Water use

Water use increased during this period as a result of water line flushing, and removal of flow restrictors, as per the water management plan. Water quality, as opposed to consumption will be the key indicator for water measurement moving forward.

Waste (general, clinical and recycling)

Improved waste segregation has shown a steady increase in general waste per occupied bed day, while clinical waste continues to decrease. Recycling has also remained steady during the 2015/16 period.

Electricity use

Electricity use during 2015/16 reduced by more than 500 000 kWh in comparison to 2014/15.

Fuel consumption (fleet vehicles)

Fuel consumption remained steady as we work towards 90 per cent of our fleet emitting less than 180g of Co2 per kilometre during the next year.

Paper use

Our paper use remained steady, with more than12.5 million sheets of paper saved since the introduction of duplex printing in 2010.