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In this Holy Year of Mercy, I find it very fitting that the theme for Mater’s Annual Review is compassion. Compassion is of the very essence of Mercy and is a foundation stone of Mater and the Mission it delivers.

When people come to Mater, they hope to meet with Mater People who feel for them, and are willing to support them in their own suffering, whatever it might be. It is this demonstration of compassion in action which differentiates Mater, and is what we hope all who come to Mater experience. It is, after all, this tradition of Mercy and compassion on which the Sisters of Mercy established Mater.

In this special 18-month Annual Review you will see many examples of the compassionate care offered by Mater People by those whom they are privileged to serve.

You will also read about the further steps Mater has taken to integrate health, education and research to enhance the delivery of this care, and I am proud to mention but two recent examples of this consolidation in action.

The spirit of Mater was captured by the words of Professor David McIntyre, Mater’s Director of Obstetric Medicine, who was awarded the 2016 Norbert Freinkel Award for his work in the area of diabetes and pregnancy.

Professor McIntyre commented that it is important for scientific and clinical research to translate into practice, and that we aim to keep ‘the Mater Research side working with Mater Education’, his own work exemplifying this integration of Research and Education to support the provision of healthcare.

I was also recently present for the blessing and opening of the renovated and refurbished Whitty Building, a project in partnership with The University of Queensland.

This too represents Mater’s ongoing commitment to compassionate care, ensuring that there are future generations of medical, nursing and allied health professionals equipped to provide this compassionate care to those who come to them in need.

The Council of Mercy Partners extends its congratulations and thanks to Mater on its continued faithfulness to the Mission of mercy in South East Queensland.

Dr Ray Campbell

Chair, Mercy Partners Council