Giving new hope to epilepsy patients

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Imagine being unable to work, to socialise, to spend time with your family.

For the thousands of Queenslanders who suffer from epilepsy, this is a reality. A reality Mater specialists are determined to change.

An Australian-first surgery undertaken at Mater in early 2016 represents a new milestone in this journey, with Mater surgeons giving new hope to people with epilepsy through the use of ROSA robotic assistant technology.

Through Mater Centre for Neurosciences, Mater is one of only three hospitals in Australia to perform the procedure—a Stereo EEG—and the only hospital to utilise the ROSA robotic assistant technology.

For many epilepsy patients, surgery represents their only hope at a cure.

The ROSA technology supports the accurate drilling of holes for electrode placement for Stereo EEG procedures; halving surgery time and offering efficiency, security and flexibility for surgeons.

Once the electrodes are in place, the Mater Centre for Neurosciences team monitors a patient’s seizures, analysing brain activity and movement during a seizure to determine if they are a potential candidate for brain surgery, in order to control their seizures.

The ROSA robot is another innovation in the advanced surgery for epilepsy offering at Mater Centre for Neurosciences.

It’s possible that this could offer our patients a cure—that is what we are hoping for and what we look to offer our patients.”
Peter Jones, Clinical Nurse Consultant in Epilepsy, Mater Centre for Neurosciences


Surgeons performing Australian-first surgery to help give Mater patients a brighter future.

Mater Centre for Neurosciences launched

Mater’s proud neurosciences history began when we opened Queensland’s first neurosurgery department in 1954.

Today, Mater maintains a strong commitment through investment into state-of-the-art technology, education and research.

The official opening of Mater Centre for Neurosciences in 2015 strengthens our commitment within this field, providing specialist care for stroke, epilepsy, neurosurgery, neurology and spinal surgery—from one dedicated location.

The centre comprises a Stroke Unit, which provides specialist care for patients with the most complex cases, and a private inpatient ward which supports the provision of interdisciplinary care.