Go forth from this place with joy, go forth with hope

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We have inherited the blessings of their toil and faith …”

For more than 90 years, the Mater Convent has been a place of gathering, a residence for more than 300 Sisters of Mercy and a visible reflection of the Mater Mission.

So it seemed only fitting that on a cool, still Friday morning, more than 150 people gathered quietly to witness the Mater Convent doors officially close, as the keys to the building were entrusted to Chairman of the Mater Board, Mr Brian Flannery.

The decision to close the Mater Convent, made in early 2015, followed significant damage to the building as a result of storms which impacted Brisbane in late 2014.

During a moving spiritual ritual, led by Sister Patricia Kirchner, the doors to the Convent were closed for the last time, before the Sisters of Mercy joined with Mater People over a cup of tea to share stories from the past 90 years, embodying the very sense of community the Sisters of Mercy inspire with their grace and mercy, which continues to guide Mater today.