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Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane

Kelsie is a high-performing 20 year-old woman, studying Creative Industries at QUT, with aspirations of working for Google and volunteering in third-world countries.

In her final year of high school, Kelsie was diagnosed with an incurable auto-immune disease. As a 17 year old, Kelsie felt caught between needing support, and wanting to be treated as an adult.

When Mater identified an unmet need for young adults in the changing healthcare landscape, it developed Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane.

Created to provide specialised care for adolescents and young adults aged 16 to 25 living with chronic and complex healthcare conditions, it is the first service of its kind in Queensland, and one of only a few nationwide.

The Centre helps young adults, such as Kelsie, transition from receiving paediatric healthcare to more age-appropriate health services.

“I appreciated being able to make independent decisions relating to my health, but when I first walked into the adult hospital, I felt like a lost alien. I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing.

“My time spent in the Mater Young Adult Health Centre was the first time I’ve ever felt content in hospital,” Kelsie said.

Mater Children’s Private Brisbane

The new Mater Children’s Private Brisbane was launched in 2015, reinforcing Mater’s commitment to the provision of exceptional
care throughout all stages of life.

The service cares for privately insured children up to the age of 16 across a variety of specialities, including orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, ENT, dentistry, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, medicine, and sleep medicine.

The launch of Mater Children’s Private Brisbane comes after government-funded paediatric services transitioned to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in late 2014, and continues a commitment to the provision of private paediatric care which commenced in 1998 when Mater opened Australia’s first private hospital for sick children (Mater Private Children’s Hospital).

Four year-old Mater Children’s Private Brisbane patient, Indie, was one of 800 Mater patients to have their day brightened by a special visit from a Delta Dog in 2015. While she was at Mater to have her tonsils and adenoids removed, this wasn’t Indie’s first Mater experience—her entire family are Mater babies!

“We were all born at Mater—Indie and her brother, as well as me and my husband,” her mum Tahnee said.