There is nothing more important than safety

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Every decision and every action taken by Mater People has safety as its guiding principle.

Our organisation wide commitment to safety is driven by SafeQuest: for a safer Mater community, through which Mater aims to achieve zero preventable harm for our staff, patients and visitors.

SafeQuest encompasses a number of initiatives and strategies to create the safest possible Mater community.

In 2015 we launched, Staying safe while in hospital, designed to empower Mater patients to be involved in their care, promoting a higher degree of collaboration and communication between staff and patients about safety.

As part of the initiative, patients are encouraged to ask questions about their care, and raise any issues or concerns, framed by a guiding set of principles, including identification, preventing infection, and medication safety.

Mater also reached 2017-2018 national standards set by the National Blood Authority earlier than required, and in the process recorded a 15 per cent reduction in the number of units of blood used across Mater.

Blood (and blood transfusion) safety is a key focus of SafeQuest, and data as a result of this initiative indicates increased efficiency in blood use, with a 12 per cent increase in patients receiving a single unit of blood as opposed to multiple donations, therefore reducing the risk of requiring a blood transfusion by optimising pre-surgery blood counts.

Mater’s Exceptional Every Time strategy reinforces safety as our single most important priority, and through SafeQuest we will continue to ensure the provision of a safe environment for all who access our services.